The client

Merant is a provider of software solutions for enterprise change management and data connectivity. The company specializes in the challenges encountered when companies take their business to the Internet. Merant collaborates with over 500 technology partners, and their technology is utilized by the Fortune 100 and a majority of the Global 2000.

The challenges

Merant needed a practical way of providing collateral sales and marketing materials to their large Sales staff, which is dispersed across the country. They envisioned a web-based application where Sales could log in to request materials directly from the warehouse. This e-fulfillment system would provide online ordering, site administration, and limited reporting capabilities.

The II@W solution

Internet Ideas @Work developed a customized solution for Merant called the Collateral Ordering System. This system coordinated the work of the Sales staff, warehouse, and outside vendors. The new online ordering application was integrated with existing databases, such as UPS, and allowed the Sales staff to order materials online. The warehouse would then receive and fill these orders, and automatically distribute them to the proper location. The solution produced the following results:
  • Web-enabled application allowed remote access by dispersed Sales team
  • Enhanced accuracy by placing orders directly to the fulfillment team
  • Increased efficiency by integrating the application with existing databases
This web application, which was built using the Microsoft IIS platform as well as ASP technology, also made it possible for automatic order notification, enhanced reporting, and filtering. These features made it possible for the warehouse to use the same system as the Sales team to track their inventory, find the location of any order in the warehouse, and order supplies from outside vendors.

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