Group 1

The Client

Group 1 Software is a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM)-enabling software solutions for over 2,500 customers in industries like financial services, telecommunications, and e-commerce. Group 1 creates and implements software solutions that improve communications between businesses and their customers.

The Challenge

Group 1 Software approached Internet Ideas @Work looking for a way to automate their busy software release schedule. With products in different stages of development and short life cycles, Group 1 needed a more efficient way to track their project workflows. Group 1 originally envisioned a project wizard that would aid in the creation and tracking of projects.

The II@W Solution

Building from the original idea of a project wizard, II@W created a workflow management application on Group 1's intranet to automate and track the work of developers from the creation of source code to final release. Features such as automatic error notification and status logs enhance each team's ability to manage their projects. In addition, Group 1's Project Tracking System (PTS) was also designed to allow various administrative functions including adding and removing users, assigning users different rights, and managing the email notification mailing lists. The application designed by Internet Ideas @Work:
  • Increases automation and enhances communication throughout the development lifecycle
  • Gives managers ability to filter and report project status information
  • Is scalable and could be customized to serve other departments and divisions
Internet Ideas @Work created an application that turned a project-tracking problem into a versatile and comprehensive solution.

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