Asiemo Consulting

The client

Asiemo Consulting is a digital business infrastructure design, management, and implementation firm. Asiemo consults with small, medium, and large enterprises to aid their growth and adoption of digital solutions to increase productivity and workflow. The company provides clients with Network Security solutions that aid in the protection of private networks attached to public infrastructures, such as the Internet, as well as strategic partner networks.

The challenge
Asiemo called on us to update their corporate website with a professional design that would suit their clientele, as well as provide a comprehensive look at the services they offer. In addition, the company needed a low cost solution that would fit within their budget.

The II@W Solution

To keep costs low, Internet Ideas @Work designed a splash page that was graphic and information intensive, but provided only a framework for the rest of the site. II@W designed a template for the remaining pages within the site so that Asiemo could utilize their own skills and resources to fill in the content.

For the splash page, II@W refined their content and copy based on their existing marketing materials and developed a new graphic interface to change the entire feel of the site. The page included animated graphics in the form of a scrolling news bar and other items, as well as menus created using Java Script rollovers. The format for the remaining pages was created using Dreamweaver templates. Our solution resulted in:
  • A professional image for the corporate homepage
  • A flexible and cost-effective solution for Asiemo Consulting
Our work for Asiemo Consulting also extended to the design and development of a collateral marketing brochure.

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