AEC Software

The client

AEC Software, Inc., is the leading developer of business productivity software for Windows, Macintosh, and Palm. AEC Software products aid users in planning, tracking, and managing their projects easily and efficiently while enhancing communication and achieving business goals.

The challenges
As a technology company, AEC Software understands the importance of staying on the cutting-edge of technological development. For the last six years, AEC has worked with II@W to maintain this edge in their corporate website. AEC wanted to continue to evolve their extensive website with a fresh look, better content management, forms for gathering customer information, and an expanded online store and catalogue.

The II@W solution

II@W began by migrating the website back-end from Macintosh servers to Windows 2000 using an SQL Database. Other databases were created or modified to improve the reliability of the site. For instance, online registration was synched to work seamlessly with AEC Software's existing Sales database.

This was followed by a complete redesign of the website layout and navigation. Everything from the colors used to the tone of the content was examined and improved. The AEC Software online store, where customers can order the software or download the product directly, was enhanced and the catalogue of products was expanded.

On the administrative side, a back-end was created to improve content management.
Multimedia enhancements include search fields based on Flash forms and animated menu systems on the AEC Software product pages. Also, II@W is currently producing a marketing video for AEC that will incorporate a host of multimedia services like audio and video editing and Flash design. We also provide logistical assistance and support in their e-mail marketing campaigns. The Internet Ideas @Work solution served to improve:
  • The company's online presence with new layout and graphics
  • Functionality and security of the online store
  • Reliability of the site and process for submitting feedback
II@W hosts the AEC Software site and manages the site's servers. II@W provides routine maintenance, pro-active problem solving, and frequent backups to ensure the performance of the AEC Software site.

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