The II@W methodology is a structured approach based on our years of experience in project management and our commitment to helping you achieve your strategic business goals. Careful scheduling and rigorous attention to the project timeline ensure that your web application solution is implemented in a timely manner. Throughout the development of your Internet idea, a clear process is in place to ensure that our solutions meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Strategic Planning
The first step to success in any project is thoughtful planning and preparation. Your Internet Ideas @Work project team will work with you to identify the goals and objectives of your web application. Details such as audience, site content, core functionality, and online branding objectives are discussed and distilled into a site strategy. We'll also assess your current resources, determine a working budget, and sketch out a timeline for completion. The Strategic Planning phase will leave you with a blueprint of the information architecture within your site, an idea of what technologies will be required to put your Internet ideas to work, and a clearly defined set of success criteria.

Our project team will collaborate with you to generate:
Design Document - guiding principles for project; basis for all design decisions, defines business goals and client needs
Functional Specs - details each tool on the site for both the user and administrator
Technical Specs - details hardware, software, and hosting requirements of the site; details functionality from a programmatic stand point
Production Specs - considers integration issues such as browsers, naming, and content guidelines

Design Development
Once the strategy and information architecture for your site is defined, we move towards developing proof-of-concept. Site design includes the overall look and feel of your site or application, from content to graphics, as well as the user interface and back-end functionality. During the Design Development phase, your project leader will submit several design comps for your approval. When you're satisfied that the proposed design will meet your business objectives, full-scale production of your site can begin.

Our project team will develop design concepts in these areas:
Functionality - ensures objectives are aligned with features and capabilities of the site
Visual Structure - navigation, physical or conceptual template from which all pages are based
Information Design - information hierarchy and logical organization of content
Graphic Design - colors, images, fonts, buttons, overall corporate identity

During the Implementation phase, we begin the process of integrating all the necessary elements to produce your site. This involves taking the approved proof-of-concept and integrating the design, content, and underlying technology infrastructure into building a prototype for the completed product. When the site model is complete, we'll perform rigorous testing for quality assurance throughout multiple browsers. Once again, the project team will seek your approval to ensure that the site meets your business objectives in both design and functionality.

Our Implementation phase includes these key milestones:
Alpha - working model includes all major functionality and look and feel of the site
Beta - revised version based on feedback from Alpha; complete in design and function, includes documentation and administration tools
Testing - rigorous testing and fixing of bugs; continues post-launch
Gold - final version of the application, including documentation, ready to be moved to host server

The final step is to ensure a successful roll-out of your website. The final version of your application is transferred to its host site and undergoes a final round of testing before launch. At this time, we'll provide full transfer of site knowledge, which allows your business the flexibility and guidance for future initiatives and development projects. We'll also create a content management system, so changes and updates can be made quickly and efficiently. Our attention then turns to maintenance, promotion, and evaluation of your new application.

Most importantly, Internet Ideas @Work will continue to work with you even after your application is implemented or your website goes live. As your company grows and evolves, so will your web presence. And we'll be there to help you realize new Internet ideas!